Fredd "DD" Bergman began his professional shooting
career as M-16 Expert at 17-years-old in the U.S. Army.
Bergman continued hunting and shooting, eventually
re-enlisting in the Army and spent a year in South Korea
as a missile and radar systems mechanic, during the
Olympics there. Bergman also furthered his martial arts
training in that country, expanding his studies beyond
Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang soo do and Jiu jitsu, to include
Shaolin Kung Fu.

Through the 1990s, Bergman produced and hosted the
"Outdoor Variety" weekly documentary television program,
appearing on commercial networks throughout South and
West Texas. Bergman became recognized as a 2nd
Amendment advocate, later serving as Chairman of
Alamo Area Friends of National Rifle Association for five
years, as well as a delegate on the NRA Foundation South
Texas Grant Fund Committee. He performed as NRA
Institute for Legislative Action's Election Volunteer
Coordinator for Texas' 23rd Congressional District 2003-2012.

The turn of the century found Bergman as general
manager and training coordinator for Accuracy Sports
Firearms Training Institute, in San Antonio, TX. Accuracy
Sports was a 100-yard indoor shooting range, state
certified security school, concealed handgun academy,
custom shop, pro shop, and Boy Scout Merit Badge
training facility. Bergman built the largest "range program"
(test firearms) in Texas at the time, numbering more than
75 guns, and was a stocking dealer for Springfield Armory,
Kimber, Sig, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Kahr, Bul,
Winchester/Olin, Corbon, MagSafe, Federal and several
other lines.

Using the International Defensive Pistol Association's
scoring system as a model, Bergman and his crew
developed contemporary tactical and practical defensive
training techniques for pistol, rifle, riot gun and
sub-machine gun, and Bergman maintained training
contracts and arrangements with numerous law
enforcement and security organizations. Bergman first
began training as an NRA Training Counselor and Chief
Range Safety Officer in 1996, and was appointed a Senior counselor following his participation as trainer at a
week-long event for 4-H Training Counselors at Texas A&M, in 2005.

Bergman is currently a professional firearms trainer and
shooting range development and operations technical
analyst. Bergman maintains
various certifications and
appointments allowing him to operate with certain organizations,
and writes professionally. He has been published in American
Rifleman, Texas Wildlife and Government Security News
magazines, and was the outdoor sports writer for the
Kerrville Daily Times. Bergman currently writes firearms-related
defense-shooting for beginners, "how to"s and wildlife stories for a
clearing house that markets his articles. Bergman participates in
1000-yard Long-Range Rifle competitions and is rated Marksman by NRA.

Bergman's expertise as a defensive technician led to his selection for certain high-profile
details in the military and with civilian law
enforcement. In 1989 he was an escort during a
missile exchange in Asia. In 1991 he performed
as personal protection escort for the Queen of
England during her visit to the Alamo.

In 2002 Bergman had an opportunity to visit with
Charlton Heston, then president of the NRA, in
Corpus Christi, TX.

Bergman's company motto is,

"Talk minus Action equals Zero"
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