Dynamic $2,400

Advanced Digital Hearing Protection: In this day and age, we have the digital
technology to not only protect your hearing while shooting,
but also enhance it like never before. By doing so, your
hearing experience will be much more comfortable,
enabling you to focus more on the shot in front of you.
That’s what’s most important, and for technology,
nothing beats ESP’s Dynamic.
With six advanced auto environmental settings
at your disposal, ESP’s Dynamic is
considered by many experts to be the most
advanced electronic shooters protection out
there. Its 16 channels and bands are enhanced
by the built-in omnidirectional microphone that can
pick up, auto-calibrate, and place noises all around you. You’ll be in sync with
the beautiful sounds of nature, and protected against harmful noises that might
otherwise disrupt your peace and quiet.

For more information on ESP’s Dynamic,
contact EDCC today! 210-619-9340

*Smaller sized custom ESPs are only available with Tan Faceplate.
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