Custom Recreational Earphones

When you’re not out in the field, it never hurts to pop on some good old tunes
and throw on the headphones. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need after a
day of shooting: just a bit of time to sit back and relax.
That’s exactly what ESP’s Custom Recreational
Earphones were made for.

Like our Electronic Shooters Protection models, our
earphones are made to custom fit your hearing as
all-purpose products. The CR10s can be used for
any activity, be it travel, exercise, or just plain
relaxation, with a 50-inch hardwired black cable
and 3.5mm stereo plug that is perfect for wear
and tear.

As sound-cancelling earphones, you’ll be sure to only hear what you want on
your iPod, CD, DVD, MP3 player, and all other electronic devices. Oh, and the
best part: they’re available to our customers at a price that is low, competitive,
and reasonable. It’s a listening experience like no other, at a price that cannot
be beat.

For more information on our Custom Recreational Earphones,
contact EDCC
at 210-619-9340 .
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