Elite Classic   $900

Custom Fit Analog Hearing Protection: When it comes to Electronic Shooters
Protection, you should be looking for three features in your product: quality,
efficiency, and cost. If done well, these characteristics make
for a great product that is reliable and reasonable —
something you’ll notice when you’re out in the field.
Luckily, we have the product for you: ESP’s Elite Classic.

This analog model comes equipped with innovative
circuitry that will protect you from noise-induced
hearing loss, which can be lethal out in the
field. The omnidirectional microphone will be
able to pick up noises all around, optimizing
the environment so you can enjoy tranquility
and be well aware of what’s around you.

The model itself is a bit less smooth than the digital models, but it comes in
customizable colors and shapes, with an internal wax trap and rotary volume
control to only hear what you want and to keep out everything else.

For more information on the Elite Classic,
contact EDCC today! 210-619-9340

*Smaller sized custom ESPs are only available with Tan Faceplate.
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