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Custom Individual & Executive Self-Defense

We can train you, your family, your group or your executives to defend
yourselves on the street, in the home or in your business. We offer training in
conventional and unconventional methods and tactics. This training can be as
short as an afternoon, or an ongoing project.

If you are willing to commit the time and resources, we
will train your group to defend your home or business
using advanced methods and equipment. EDCC
professionals have extensive experience in guiding
clients to the equipment that is best suited for their
needs and commitment to training. These implements
can range from the common to the obscure, and we
offer training in legal procurement and use of machine
guns and sub-machine guns.

EDCC maintains relationships with firearms dealers,
trainers and general contractors who can address your
every need in these regards. Should you determine that
you require a tactical egress strategy, we can train your
people, from novice through expert, and conceal
appropriate tools within the artistry of your existing
architectural structure. Your braintrust can be trained to defend or exfiltrate a hostile environment, should the need arise.

EDCC offers tactical courses for the operator, law enforcement, security
professionals and law abiding citizens. Courses include:

  • Intermediate defense / tactical pistol
  • Intermediate defense / tactical rifle
  • Intermediate defense / tactical two-gun
  • Advanced defense / tactical two-gun

See video shorts of our defense / tactical drills, HERE.

EDCC professionals can come to your facility or host and arrange
accommodations for you and your crew.

E-mail for details
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