NRA Shotgun Instructor Training

Part One: Basic Instructor Training (6 hours) click for details

Part Two: NRA Pistol Instructor Training (11 hours minimum)

Course Goal: To develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the
knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Shotgun
Shooting Course.

Lesson VI: Introduction To NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course Lesson Plans

Lesson VII: Teaching Shotgun Lesson I

Lesson VIII: Teaching Shotgun Lesson II

Lesson IX: Basic Shotgun Instructional Method

Lesson X: Teaching Shotgun Lesson III

Lesson XI: Teaching Shotgun Lesson IV

Lesson XII: Evaluating And Improving Performance Of Beginning Shotgun

Lesson XIII: Teaching Shotgun Lesson V

Shotgun Instructor Examination And Course Conclusion

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