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Outdoor Variety Television
Hardcore Outdoor
Effective Defense Consulting Company offers a variety of web design,
photography, still, video and other production services.

Diverse Experience
EDCC has produced web sites, television, industrial/production, political
advertising, training and instructional videos. Wildlife and action videos are
EDCC's specialties. Past productions include fisheries and wildlife sciences,
wildlife documentaries, world-championship action shooting and survival
skills. We will deliver a production that is uniquely you.

Web Design
EDCC has designed web sites for businesses and non-profits since 1999.

Remote Locations
EDCC will go where others won't to
get your critical footage. We can
respond, in as little as one hour,
prepared to take on any land
environment from the tundra to the
jungles and deserts. We can also
perform in maritime and underwater

Hostile and Hazardous
EDCC has extensive experience operating under treacherous, potentially
life-threatening conditions. We will conduct your investigative reporting,
document activities of humans or animals and bring the package home. In
and out, then over the finish line. If you need it badly enough, we can get it
for you.

We continue to redefine and design "The Box."

All frames this page EDCC video capture.

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MultiMedia Services