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Wildlife Services
Effective Defense Consulting Company offers expertise in several facets of
wildlife and habitat management. Whether you're overrun with feral swine, or
your finely manicured white-tailed deer herd needs thinning, EDCC can help.
We can also assist in providing top-notch wildlife biologists to advise you in
your management strategies.

Wildlife & Habitat Management
EDCC maintains relationships with wildlife biologists of the highest caliber.  If
you can afford it, we can provide the best in the business. The only obstacle
between you and us proving so is you writing the check. EDCC has a
substantial history in wildlife and habitat management circles. Our many
aspects of involvement have yielded relationships with some of the most highly
recognized fisheries and wildlife biologists in Texas. EDCC recently conducted
an Independent Study regarding the history of exotic wildlife in the Texas
habitat, as well as the phenomenon's affects on culture and economics,
through the University of Texas system. That study received highest honors.  
Put our know-how to work for you.

Nuisance Wildlife Abatement
If you're over your waders in feral hogs, EDCC can
provide solutions.  Considering their damage to property
and agriculture, an out-of-control hog population can be a significant liability.
Though we can provide traditional means of population control, such as traps,
EDCC specializes in tracking and liberating your nuisance population. If your
whitetail herd needs culling, we're unusually qualified to help. Most landowners
know hunters and "shooters" who will happily offer to "help," then shoot up the
ranch. EDCC can provide professional shooters with respectable credentials.  
Our fire team can effectively tune your assets, while maintaining a high level of
wildlife ethics and stewardship. We will safely and surgically achieve your
management goals, and you can help your community in the process. Through
"Hunters Against Hunger" and other programs, your cull wildlife can provide
nourishment for the needy. Food banks, orphanages and families who may
otherwise go hungry can benefit from your excess. EDCC can help you help
your community.

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