Youth Services

Effective Defense Consulting Company encourages community outreach, and
leads by example. EDCC components have
histories of community servitude. EDCC Team
Members donate time for various community
organizations and events, with focus on
firearms safety, marksmanship and wildlife
management and ethics. If you are a member
of or know of an organization that can benefit
from the skills of certified professionals,
contact us. We, or an appropriate organization, will contact you to determine
how we can assist best your group. Boy Scouts of America, church groups,
4-H organizations, PTAs, JROTC, clubs and many others have benefitted
from EDCC's community projects.

If you are interested in learning more about how EDCC's community outreach
network can benefit your organization, call us at 210-619-9340, fill out the
form below, or
e-mail Effective Defense.
Telephone #
Briefly explain your situation.
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